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Description :

Rolling Nexus, developed by Rolling Plans Private Limited, envisioned with an oath and action to be a support in helping individuals and businesses network and connect with each other, compounding with jobs, tenders, freelance, events, discussion forum, offers and skill assessment and development, tests, entertainment and enhancement activities.

  • Rolling Job : Envisaged with the primal objective of providing jobs and recruitment services in Nepal and downsizing the gap between job-seekers and job opportunities, Rolling Job performs as a bridge between employers and job-seekers.
  • Rolling कर्मशील-बिदेश : It is a platform with an objective of providing credible information related to foreign employment, handling complains for safer migration while they are living abroad, to provide relevant news and also for information on and management of returnee migrants.
  • Rolling कर्मशील-स्वदेश : It is a platform with the objective to provide information related to employment for blue collar jobs in Nepal. Apart from that, there are news relevant to these jobs/sector, information on development, growth, opportunity to these people through various resource centers.
  • Rolling Event : Rolling Event is a platform that facilitates individuals and businesses to gain online access for participating and organizing various events. Equipped with sub modules like Information Desk and Enroll, Counseling, Virtual Fairs, Rolling Event is a way to digitize all your events.
  • Rolling Tender : Rolling Tender is the procurement management system for all types of business requirements in Nepal. The platform connects all the interested suppliers and the business for doing business together for Nepalese market.
  • Rolling छलफल : Rolling छलफल is a forum where you can ask questions you are curious about and get or give productive answers. It is developed with a mission to connect and bring people with different perspectives so that they get an opportunity to understand better.
  • Rolling Contest (Sports Prediction) : It is an online fun-based platform which comprises sports prediction of national and international tournaments of football and cricket namely EPL an IPL.
  • Rolling Pages : Rolling Pages are the inclusion and respect for diversity initiative of Rolling Nexus with three different wings namely Rolling Women, Rolling Able and Rolling Yet-to-Retire.
  • Rolling Freelance : A freelancer with the required skill set can get thousands of freelancing jobs and apply accordingly. Employers can view profiles and select a skilled worker as per their project needs and deliverables.
  • Rolling CAT : It is an online learning section under Rolling Nexus having the vision of helping out ambitious students and job seekers by skill evaluation and providing regular guidance and appropriate study material for entrance examinations in order to secure a respectable position in various government organizations and private institutes.
  • Rolling Bazaar : It is a market for everyone to buy and share Nepali products. It is developed to help Nepali local entrepreneurs find market for their product. With the help of technology and the internet, we are determined to offer a variety of unique Nepali Local products including homemade, vintage, ethnic and natural products from Nepal.
  • Rolling Contest : Rolling Nexus regularly organizes Video and Photo Contest with lots of giveaways to the winners. It is a fun and engagement section usually organized during festive season and important dates where users can participate, collect votes through likes, share and comments.

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