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Rolling Women under Rolling Nexus is a platform for empowering & inspiring women envisioned with an aim to create & connect women for employment, entrepreneurship, and complaint management system for female in foreign employment & supporting them after returning back to Nepal. The platform provides equal ease of access to resources and opportunities regardless of gender, including economic participation & decision making whereas, information sharing about safe migration to those women seeking abroad jobs and also to provide career tips, informative blogs, job opportunities, exciting events, entrepreneurial incubation and many more.

Whether you are starting your career, searching for a job, navigating a transition at work, dealing with work-life, balance or enjoying your life as a homemaker, preparing yourself for job opportunities, ensuring safer migration, coping with adjustments after returning from abroad, Rolling Women is here to support and celebrate your Womanhood.


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Empowering women financially and mentally

Empowering Women Financially and Mentally

The topic of women empowerment has always gained...

Interview with HR Head of Century Commercial Bank

It is not entirely true that bankers do not have a work-life balance.

Having experience of more than 13 years in...

Health and fitness for busy women

Health and Fitness for Busy Women

Work and work and work all the time!...

Interview with Nilam Poudel

Brand is not what you buy. Brand is you, only yourself. Gather the negative comments and make them your strength to stand up high.

“If I wait for someone else to validate...

Video of the week

In the fifth episode of Rolling Nexus जमर्को, we feature Mr. Beg Bahadur Tamang, a person with a physical impairment. His introduction does not stop there; he is currently employed as a Data Entry Associate at Rolling Plans Private Limited, and he also works part-time as a rider for a prominent ride-sharing company in Nepal. Mr. Tamang was physically disabled as an infant due to a lack of polio vaccination. Nonetheless, it did not prevent Mr. Tamang from leading a respectable life. He worked hard, faced all of life's challenges, and demonstrated that he is capable of everything. Watch the full interview to be totally inspired from Mr. Tamang's Jourey.

Rolling Nexus जमर्को brings you stories of women, persons with disabilities and retired group through Artharojgar.com as a part of EMPOWERING {E} initiative under its 4Es area of work with a sole objective to empower and appeal individuals & organizations for becoming inclusive and diverse to achieve greater synergy.

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