RollingNexus “Refer & Earn” Program allows Nexus users to refer (Referrer) a friend or business. The Referrer shall receive certain redeemable points as defined below. Users who wish to participate in the Referral Program must agree with the below-mentioned terms and conditions.



Referrer – is a registered Nexus user who refers to any Individual or Business.

Referee – is a user who receives a referral link from the Referrer.

Individual Referrer - is a registered user who refers to new users (Individual).

Business Referrer - is a registered user who refers to new Business/Organizations.


Refer Rolling Nexus to a friend or business and get a referral reward up to 30 Points for every individual referral and unlimited points for business on each referral. The referee also can easily earn 20 points by following the below-mentioned terms and conditions. In order to withdraw redeemable points, users must have a minimum of 500 points. 1 point = 1 RS. 

Any registered user of Rolling Nexus is applicable to join the refer and earn program for individual reference but not for business. For business referral, the user must undergo a selection process of Rolling Plans. Rolling Plans shall screen the user interested in referring business accounts and once finalized, the account shall be eligible for the same.


Terms and Condition:

  • Refer and Earn program allows the referrer to track the monthly activity of the referee which includes:

    - Login activity for a  month.

    - Daily Quiz participation for a month.

    - Participation in 4 different tests of Rolling CAT.

  • The device browser of Individual and Business is also registered while signup. Therefore, one cannot register more than two accounts from the same device browser.
  • Rolling Plans Pvt Ltd reserves, the right to amend, modify, cancel, update, or withdraw this Program at any time without notice. Upon such premature suspension, inconvenience, cessation, withdrawal, termination, or closure by the Company, no person shall be entitled to claim loss of any kind whatsoever.

For Individual referrer: 
An individual account is eligible to receive announced points if the following circumstances are fulfilled:

  • The referee should register and login on the Rolling Nexus website from the referrer’s unique referral link.
  • The referred account (referee)must be a new user; second-time users won't be counted.
  • The referrer would be earning 10 points for referring one verified individual account. Additional 20 points would be received by the referrer when the referee completes the below-mentioned steps:
  • Login 4 days a week and at least 16 days a month.
  • Daily Quiz participation at least 20 times a month.
  • Participate in 4 different tests which include; Skill Test, Domain Test, Entrance preparatory Test and Typing Test.
  • The referee also receives 20 points completing the above.

For Business Referrer:
  • If the referred business account does some transaction for any modules of Rolling Nexus (Jobs, events, tenders, contest, CAT), the referrer individual account shall receive 10% of the overall amount as a referral earning.
  • Non-selected users are not allowed to participate in referring to business accounts.
  • No referral earning for Individual account if the referred business account purchases other services than that of Rolling Nexus.


  10 Point 10 Point 10 Point
Referrer (Individual) The referee needs to sign up and verify his/her account. The referee needs to log in on Rolling Nexus 4 times a week each day for a month The referee needs to give 4 Rolling CAT tests and participate on 20 daily quizzes for a month.

The referee as well gets 20 points on completing the above.
Referrer (Business) The referee needs to sign up and verify the business account. 10% referral bonus to the referrer-On purchase of any product and service of Rolling Nexus by the referee.

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