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Retirement after the 60s, 70s but what's next?


We often predict that life after retirement will be full of fun and relaxation. But with the growing age and full of leisure time, retirement time can also be a burden if activities are not performed or you don't practice physical and mental exercise. In this sense, exercise not only means several workouts, it means that after retirement, but engagement in activities is also a must as one can get tired sitting just at home in a rocking chair watching television the whole day with a remote in hand.


Seniors after retirement want to spend quality time with their children, seek adventure and plenty of simulation. But their children also need to go to work in a busy workplace with less time for their parents. But in any way, retirement can be a great chance to learn something new, something extra that you always wanted to pursue in your youth days. Maybe your health issues are the obstacle to your dreams after retiring, but if you have planned schedules and a healthy living style, you can do that.


Spending full time at home may develop a sense of boredom and loneliness among the seniors. They also seek quality time to have gossip and conversations, activities to remain active and healthy, trips to explore new things and many more. 


Retiring may sound free of tensions but the retirement period can be full of tiredness as well due to no work. So what can the seniors do to be active and healthy?


Group Exercise Classes


These classes are fun to join and an effective way to have social interactions with various people. Retired people can engage in morning or evening exercise classes where they can adopt a healthy lifestyle too.

Life Story Exercises


Retired people may have the will to convey about their past stories, achievements and struggles they did in their past lives. Sharing these experiences may give joy to them. They can capture their life stories in written form or by gathering photos or memories. Joining the senior clubs and reflecting on their life story experiences may be a great option to spend their free time.

Field Trips and Excursions


Adventures and excursion trips to the local attractions, religious pilgrimages, museums, symphonies, places with a beautiful natural presence, etc can be an awesome time to spend rather than spending the whole day at home. It will refresh them and diminish boredom among seniors.

Reading Books


It is one of the fantastic activities for older adults to spend time with themselves. It helps to make the brain engaged and learn new things. Exploring through books brings positive changes in them.

Explore hobbies


Senior adults can explore their hidden hobbies that don't require a lot of moving around that includes cooking, baking, bird watching, placing a musical instrument, learning a new language and many more. This is the perfect time to explore oneself and learn what one wants.

Getting Creative


Research has often declared that engaging in creative activities can help people who are going through chronic illness, negative emotions, stress, anxiety, etc. Involvement in creative works such as drawing, colouring, painting, etc is some of the wonderful ways to stay creative in retirement days.

Spending Time Outdoors


Going for daily walks, talking with friends, conversations with others, and exploring outdoors are relaxing and mood booster activities for retired people. They can spend quality time spent outdoors exploring the outside world.

Playing Games


Games and puzzles are also some of the interesting ways to keep yourself engaged and active. Such indoor games help to reduce boredom and increase positive vibes for involvement in more mental activities.

Participating in Charities


Engagement in such activities may produce a sense of purpose as an accomplishment for the senior citizens. They may interact with many people and rather than spending all their time last home, it will energise them to stay active as well.

Part-time works if interested


They can devote their free time or freelance in the part-time jobs they are interested in. Sometimes, it's called boomeranging. And it's never too late to start.

Enroll in a Mastermind Group


Senior entrepreneurs, retired persons can start such groups where they can engage with other retired people and initiate different programmes targeting youths and proactive personalities. This will help them to maintain professional relationships for a longer time.

Besides these, seniors can watch knowledgeable movies but not all the time. They also need refreshments, adventures, and continuous activities to get involved in. Social security allowance is not only enough motivation for them. They have to get themselves engaged in participatory activities to live their retirement time to the fullest.


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