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You must be tired of hearing peoples’ unwanted opinions on how you can get jobs in Nepal. Well no need to worry anymore because we have put together an article for willing individuals such as yourself looking for job vacancy announcements. 


Starting off with seven tips on how you can get jobs in Nepal:

  • Work on yourself to rise above the mediocrity in the field of your interest 

  • Get into expanding your skills eg. leaderships skills

  • Research for companies that are hiring

  • Be a risk taker

  • Value experiences and effort

  • Be self-reflective

  • Be receptive of constructive criticism 


Now, to dig a little deeper, it wouldn't be a lie to say that financial stability is expected to be something that we all seek. Be it for comfort and convenience or to make it easier for our descendants or both. And one of the ways toward attaining finance if not stability in its entirety would be by having a job. There are different types of jobs in Nepal. And even more, are the ways of getting one.


The important path to finding jobs in Nepal would be through education. This is because as much as degrees do not sell, degrees do sell. Certificates provide you with confidence and self-assurance. It can open doors to internships, entrepreneurship, and many more opportunities.


Also, putting yourself out there is another way to get jobs in Nepal. Visiting door to door of companies to see if they are hiring sounds too 90s in today’s world of advanced digital media. So many content creators are now making a living via the internet. There are several online platforms where one can publish their creations, or just simply upload their resume and get discovered, followed or hired.


Likewise, many youths in Nepal participate in skill generating programs to increase their chances of being employable. Various vocational training courses are available to choose from, and people can always pick the one that best suits their aptitude. When you are prepared with the required knowledge and set of skills to carry out a particular job then your possibility of getting a job vacancy rises.


In a country like Nepal where nepotism and favoritism are much normalized, for outsiders, it is truly significant that they forge genuine connections from an early stage of their career and also along the way. This is because even when you are talented, someone else, most likely an insider, can easily take your place. As much as it sounds unfair, given the competition, you are expected to outdo yourself for you to secure a job in Nepal.


Similarly, the government of Nepal has quota provisions for women, marginalized communities, and people of different ethnic backgrounds. This is done to encourage and ensure inclusion from local levels leading up to the national level. This system has provided numerous people with job opportunities so as to thrive whilst fighting the exclusionary laws and societal norms. It really is a long journey ahead but with reformed laws, jobs in Nepal are prioritizing inclusivity and that means more people are enjoying employment.


Now to be real with you, for a country that relies heavily on remittance to sustain itself, the current covid 19 pandemic is going to completely change the status quo. Many people abroad and even within the nation will be looking for permanent jobs here in Nepal. With the surge in the global corona crisis, uncertainty had never casted a shadow darker. So the shift in searching for jobs is inevitable.


This would further mean that more and more people will be looking for jobs. But given the present scenario of the nation, people are going to have to opt for safer methods while searching for jobs. As of now, looking for jobs online seems to be the most viable option. 


There are several online job portals where one can find the jobs that they are looking for. Those platforms have job vacancies available for all kinds of people; foreigners, engineers, freelancers, students and so on. 


It simply is one google search away to land the job of your dream. One does have to follow a certain pattern to get themselves employed but nothing comes easy in today's world of global competition. You are going to have to put into that effort. But, with time, hard work and dedication, it will pay off. 


Since the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu is centralised to an utmost level, the job opportunities and probability of getting employment is definitely higher over here. Moreover, in order to get a job you ought to know how to apply for a job, wherever it may be. 


 10 tips on how to apply for a job vacancy in Nepal

  • Search for jobs (online or walk ins)

  • Do intensive research on companies with job vacancy announcement

  • Start networking and building connections with employees of the companies

  • Prepare a CV

  • Make sure your cv is optimised according to the job description

  • Be ready with an interesting cover letter in case it is required

  • Submit your CV along with other applications 

  • Wait for at least a week before following up.

  • You can always inquire online via email

  • If you can't reach out then call or visit the company


Searching for a job online sounds terribly convenient once you have acquired the research skills. However, you need to standout from the crowds of people who are searching for and applying for the same job as you. 


Also, many companies have their job application forms piled up at the reception desk waiting to be filled up. The application along with the company would really appreciate and admire your guts if you would just walk in and ask for a job vacancy. It shows that you possess determination and is a clear sign that you are dedicated as well. 


And do you know what's even better? To ask for the manager of the company once you are done filling up the form and submitting it to them directly. You can submit your well tailored letter and CV too, which you obviously did bring along because you are always one step ahead of the game. Make sure you are attired professionally but don't overdo it. Or you could, because it's better to be overdressed than underdressed. We believe in you. 


Moreover you should always keep in mind the job vacancy you are applying for. Doing so would help you keep it precise as you are briefly explaining your qualifications to the manager. Also, do remember to make personal connections and keep it highly professional. 


Similarly, a well written CV can get you to the job you have always wanted. As the saying goes, “first impression is the last impression’’, your CV can have a lasting impact on the company you are applying for. 


10 ways to write an interesting CV

  • Do not miss out on including your basic information such as your contact, experiences, qualifications, skills and references.
  • Make sure your CV is well written and you are simply articulate with your words.
  • Do not make it longer than two pages. Keep it short, clear and direct.
  • Do mention if you have transferable skills from your previous work experience. 
  • Prepare your CV to be job vacancy specific with slight relevant adjustments. 
  • It is likely that all your skills are relevant so do include all the important skills.
  • Include your active interests that are job apparent so that your interests can speak for yourself. 
  • Try sounding optimistic with your experiences to give the impression that you value learning.
  • Include your references, more than one if possible.
  • Update your CV once you have acquired new skills or experience. 

Some job field demand of lesser employees while others are constantly hiring every other week. And that brings us to our section of popular types of job fields in Nepal. Medical professional, Civil Engineer, Computer/Software Engineer, Banker, Lawyer, CA, BSC Nursing, Government Officer come under the list of the most popular job types here in Nepal. Some of the jobs mentioned here do pay a lot.

Clearly, most of us definitely would want high paying jobs but that is not going to come easy. It requires a lot of hard work, persistence and absolute dedication to be able to have such professions. Many individuals struggle with dilemmas when it comes to what job they should go for. But with self reflection, resilience and strong determination, you can always figure it out and get the job of your dreams. 

As mentioned above there are several online job portals where you can pick the job that fits your knowledge and skill sets. Rolling Jobs (Part of Rolling Nexus) is an active job portal in Nepal with a many job vacancy announcements available just for you. Happy searching! 


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