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Part time jobs require you to work four hours or less in a day than the usual full time work i.e. 8 hours a day. There are a lot of people who are working and searching for part time jobs in Kathmandu. And if you fall on the latter then this article might just be the right thing for you.


Part time jobs are something people do in their free time for a few hours a day or even during the weekends to earn some extra cash or perhaps to earn some pocket money especially if you are a student.


 Guidelines on how to get part time jobs in Kathmandu

  • Look for job openings online or visit the places or employers in person.

  • Make sure the job you are searching for is something that interests you.

  • Retails and service industries usually have part time job openings for students/freshers since they don't require a lot of experience and you can find a schedule that works for you. 

  • Attending job fairs can be a great way to find a part time job. 

  • You can also check in with where you study because many colleges do have part time jobs for their students. 

  • You can just walk in to restaurants or supermarkets/stores and ask if they are hiring. If they are then you can fill out a job application right there and submit it.

  • If you have accumulated a list of hiring places then you might need to do a little more research to consider the best for you amongst them. 

  • Find the job that you’d hate yourself the least to have and inquire with the employees over there to know more about the work atmosphere and other things in general. 

  • Find the job you are happy to be committed to even if it's for a short period of time.

  • Prior to applying do make sure that you won't fall behind your schedule and can actually give your best at the job.

  • Students searching for part time jobs should be confident about handling both school and the job first. 

  • Be honest about your availability, potential and experience with the employers. 

  • Students are suggested to find the jobs that best fits their schedule so as to not collide with working hours. 

  • Basically, you need to make sure that you can manage a part time job responsibly. 

  • Check to see if your resume is up to date before applying. 

  • Tweak your CV with information relevant to the nature of the job and its requirements.

  • Correct typos if there is any.

  • Try to highlight your past accomplishments that could complement the job you are applying for.

  • Don't forget to add references that you have got.

  • Apply

Kathmandu is heavily centralised because it's the capital city and all things, from international airports to big companies and trades that aren't in other parts of Nepal are in Kathmandu. The city is literally a hub for students, job seekers and job seeking students. 

Part time working culture is seen to be growing more on students here. A lot of students have their classes during the morning time of the day leaving them plenty of free time for the rest of their day. And they can utilize their free time by working part time jobs.

Apart from students, moms and dads, retirees, freshers, and other workers who aren't onboard with the need to commit for a full time job are usually the part time employees. 

On the other hand, some people just prefer to have more than one part time job in different companies instead of working full time at one constant place.

People who sign up for part time jobs do so to work their way into a full time job, depending on the work environment and companies. Also, part time jobs can be good for starters. It’s surely a viable option to gain the necessary experience and skills for a full time job. 

There are several types of part time jobs available in Kathmandu. Here is a breakdown of some of them starting from part time jobs for students and freshers. 


Part time jobs for students and freshers

part time jobs in kathmandu



Freelance is where you are self employed and have the ability to work in your own time as per your convenience. You are your own boss here and you don't have to work the typical 9 to 5 job. 

There are different types of freelancing. Some of them are: content writing, graphic designing, illustrations designing, SEO, video making/editing, photography and so on.


Once you have your skills you need to focus on finding your niche. You need to start networking so that you are seen and your target audience and companies can reach out to you with work. You can always visit the sites of organisations to see if they are looking for a freelancer to work with them. 


Social Media Assistant 


This particular job is popular among the youngsters since they are very familiar with the internet and social networking sites. Social media assistants manage the social media handles of the companies and the content they want to put out online. 


Here, you will carry out the responsibility of communicating contents of the company you work for to the clients through different channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.  on the internet.  


You are already spending so much of your time on your phone scrolling through social media so maybe now it's time you get paid for it. If your english is above average and you have effective communication skills and are dedicated then being a social media assistant can be a good income generating part time job.


Content Writing 


In the wisest words of Joker, “If you are good at something never do it for free.” So, on that note, if your writings have been well received and it is something that genuinely excites you then maybe it's time for you to try your hands at professional writing or simply writing that pays you. 


It can be your career option if you are outstanding at it. Different brands, organisations, business companies, newspapers and magazines, websites, based in Kathmandu hire content writers. Currently, there is also demand for content writers who can write in regional and ethnic languages as well. 


This job really is a never ending learning experience. Some types of content writers are: website content writer, media/communication content writer, resume writer and so on. You can also create your own website and start writing. Or you can work as a part time content writer in a media company. The paying is satisfactory and it levels up gradually too. 




If you are a photography enthusiast and own a DSLR or SLR camera then this might be the job for you. Even if you aren't a pro at it, you can sign up for some photography classes, watch tutorials online. You can also try your skills on your friends and family too.


Then you can reach out to photographers or photo studios around your area to check to see if they are looking for assistants. You could also team up with your fellow interested friends and start your own photography business in Kathmandu.


The schedule for this job apparently is flexible since you are most likely to work on weekends or during the night hours. With time and experience, you will be a professional photographer soon. You can certainly make a career out of it and earn good payments as well. 


Data Entry 


This is another great job for students/freshers looking for part time jobs in Kathmandu. If you have a PC, know how to operate computers and have a typing speed of above average then you are all set for data entry. 


Even if you lack experience but have basic computer skills then you can easily do this job. You should know how to use the internet, MS words, typing, send emails and so on. 


You can search for this job on online job portals and newspapers. This type of job is always in demand and you can do it offline and online too. Data entry is a convenient job that also pays higher. 


Graphic Design 


The demand for graphic designers is really high in online scenarios in Nepal even more in Kathmandu to be precise. Here you have the liberty to freelance and set your own rules and amount you charge per hour. But for that you need to be creative, proficient and have an ample knowledge of the latest graphic designing software. 


Graphic designers usually work on websites, advertising agencies, business companies, computer games, corporates, magazines and so on. As long as you can deliver on time leaving your clients satisfied, further making you happy for the appreciation of your art, you are here to stay along with your creativity. 


It absolutely is a combination of art and technique. There are several media companies, advertising agencies and so on looking for graphic designers. Start networking and finding the work of your choice. You will be a professional very soon whilst earning good money as well.




Another one to make the list of part time jobs for freshers/students would be tutoring. If you have passed high school or are an undergraduate then you can tutor your juniors or other school kids. You can earn extra money just by taking a few hours from your day to teach the kids. 


Teaching is pretty common as a part time job in Kathmandu. A lot of students themselves can be seen giving tuition classes. You just need to make sure the subjects you are teaching are something you are more than good at. 


You can earn over 10k per month depending on the number of students you teach. You can eventually increase the number of students and earn even more. 


Apart from the jobs mentioned above, there are so many part time jobs for freshers and students in Kathmandu. You can work as a sales/marketing person for a company or in a retail or shopping centre. 


Plus a lot of waiters work part time in Kathmandu and most of them are students. Students and freshers can also find part time jobs at the malls, movie theaters, parks, water parks, events and festivals. Also, you can work part time as a model, digital markets, video editor, blogger and so on. 


Moving on, there are part time jobs for teachers in Kathmandu as well. We have prepared a small list for you.


Part time jobs for teachers in Kathmandu 




With the growth of national and international businesses, companies are looking for more and more translators lately. If you are bilingual or multilingual which is even better, then your chances of getting the job of a translator is even higher. You can specialise in either literary or localised translation. They pay you a good amount for this job and it can be done by remote working too. 




For a lot of people aiming to go abroad for studies or work, english as a second language might not be something they are fluent at. So if you are an english teacher with reliable internet access then tutoring interested people to prepare them for english proficiency tests can be something you could pursue as a part time job in Kathmandu.


Tour Guide


This can be a good opportunity to meet new people,  travel and get paid for educators in Kathmandu as a part time job. Make sure you are well equipped with knowledge of the sites you would be taking the tourists for sightseeing and visits.  You can check with tour companies if they have an opening for you. This really can be a refreshing job for a change when you need a break from your pupils. 


Teaching via Youtube/Blog


In today's digitalised world you can pretty much access any information quickly just by few clicks and taps. So maybe it's time for you to capitalize on that and earn extra money. You can start your own youtube channel and upload contents such as instructive videos or explanations of lessons and formulas that can be helpful for the students. You can start your own blog where you write tips and tricks for the students to help with their studies as well. 


Online Tutor 


Speaking of digital space, you can also teach students online especially given the time we are in right now. You can be an online course instructor, create your own online course through different available sites. With the help of apps like Zoom, Google meet and Skype you can teach more than one student at a time. It can be your side hustle tutoring students online. And, the paying is also decent.


Apart from the jobs mentioned above, some of the other part time jobs for teachers are educational consultant, writing coach, basic tutoring, Babysitter, curriculum developer and the list goes on. 


Part time online jobs in Nepal 


In addition to this there are many types of part time online jobs for people looking for it. Most of the jobs mentioned above do fall under the online job category. Moreover, you can check different types of online jobs in Nepal with details on types of home based online jobs and guidelines on how to apply for them and more. 


NGO/INGO part time jobs 


You can find part time job opportunities in Kathmandu if you check on the sites of different NGO and INGO you are interested in working for. You could also reach out to the hiring managers and ask if they have a vacancy for you. 


Some NGO and INGO have volunteering programs for youths. They don't provide you with a salary since you would be working voluntarily but some of them do have an allowance allocated for the volunteers and it can be enough for pocket money. 


Different job portals online in Nepal have vacancy announcements for part time jobs in NGO/INGO. Check the sites. Do your research and make sure you have the aptitude and other qualifications for the job you are looking for. 


Besides, given all the types of part time jobs in Nepal mentioned above, it is important that we also consider listing the advantages of working part time jobs. So,


Benefits of working part time jobs


Work Experience


Work experiences make your resume credible. Instead of waiting to complete studies first to pursue full time jobs, you can work and study at the same time. So, by the time you graduate you will have so much to offer and your CV is definitely going to be impressive.


Financial Independence 


Students for their major expenditure have to heavily rely on their parents and that can be the case for freshers as well. So working part time jobs will help you be independent financially. You can buy course books, snacks and even pay off a little of your tuition fees. Plus, you can stop nagging your parents for pocket money and that is a kind of monetary freedom both you and your parents deserve.


Utilization of free time


If there is one thing that we all have in common then that would be the 24 hours long each day. And so many people manage to pull off various kinds of work within this fixed frame of time. Perhaps, this could be a motivation for you to pursue a part time job to make the best out of your extra time. 


Access to better possibilities


Part time jobs are your opportunities to showcase your talent and make your employers aware about your potential. This can eventually lead you to greater positions in your professional life. Which means you will get a job that is going to pay you more. It goes without saying that the skills and knowledge you will gain during this period will come in handy for a lifetime.


Less Stress and Better Time Management 


Part time jobs do not have the responsibilities weighing similar to full time jobs. That means you will have less to stress about and have a happy working environment. Similarly, long hour routine jobs can be exhausting. So lesser working hours might just be something up your alley. And you will be managing time even better now than before because your work hours are flexible and you aren't stressed anymore.


To conclude, there obviously are so many part time jobs in Kathmandu. But it is upto you to decide the kind of job you prefer, would want to dedicate yourself to pursue and might just even see yourself in the future thriving because of it. All the best! 

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