10 Goals for Every HR Professionals

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In any company or organization, HR professionals have varied goals that directly or indirectly involve helping the employers, employee and the company reach their potential and achieve their goals. 


To understand what those goals specifically are, we first need to know what it means to be an HR professional. 


What does it mean to be an HR professional?


HR professionals are an employee of a company who is hired to support both the employees and the company as well. As an HR professional, your focus would be on stakeholders and customers and guaranteeing that they are adherent, doing their work and accomplishing the company’s goals and aims.


To be an HR professional means that you are responsible for building and managing company policies to make sure that it’s in the best interest of both their employer and the employees under the laws and regulations. 


Besides, being an HR  professional also means that you can communicate well with employees and impart your knowledge. Moreover, you should possess varieties of soft skills and have a thorough understanding of company culture as well.


Importantly, to be an HR  professional means to be able to prioritise company and employees satisfaction without violating any rules.


Skills required to be an HR  professional


Now with all the responsibilities that fall under HR  professionals, it goes without saying that they need to be equipped with necessary and relevant skills. 


These skills help HR professionals in achieving success in their respective Human Resource and Human Resource Management roles. Some are soft skills, some are hard skills but most are transferrable skills.


HR professional skills

  • HRM knowledge and expertise

  • Communication skills

  • Tech savviness

  • Decision-Making abilities

  • Ability to build effective employee relations

  • Organizational skills

  • Proactiveness 

  • Innovativeness

  • Cultural awareness

  • Language skills 

  • Management abilities

  • Teamwork


Ten HR professional goals


Once you have acquired the aforementioned skills or are on your way to attaining them, then it can be comparatively easier to achieve the ten goals for every HR professionals. 


Besides, HR professionals’ goals are very crucial in shaping a company’s culture, maintaining progress and generating stable results. Everyone in the company along with the company itself can benefit a great deal from these ten goals. 


Revise core values


Core values are structural principles that help a company move towards the right path and get closer to accomplishing its goals. The employees of the company need to have a solid connection with the core values for better engagement which will further lead to excellent outcome. 


But sometimes the company’s core values are simply outdated and need a complete or partial revise. Updating the company’s values that align with the company’s goals and encourages active participation from employees is necessary for the growth of the company. 


If a company’s core values benefit the employees then they would refer the company in and around their circle as well. Thus, at times HR professionals should focus on examining and changing the company’s beliefs for greater influence. 


Restructure employee experience


For a company to flourish, employees need to have a wonderful experience during their time there. If employees of a company are not happy then that would affect their level of productivity which eventually would also impact the outcome of the company. 


This is why restructuring employee experience should be one of the goals of every HR  professionals. A company exists because of employers but a company thrives because of employees. 


And if the employees are struggling to adjust or having a bad employment experience in general then that won’t help to achieve a company’s goals and also it is not something the employees deserve given all the expertise and knowledge they bring to the table. 


Widen the comfort zone


As an HR  professional, you simply cannot stick to some duties, laze on your comfort zone and call it a day. You need to actively make efforts to involve in activities that yield more than the bare minimum. One of your goals has to be to compromise your comfort.


Everyone in a company goes to HR with various concerns and issues, and it is your responsibility to make yourself available, or even better, reach out to them, not just to fulfil your job duty but to expand your comfort zone as well.


Moreover, if you aspire to widen or leave the comfort zone and move towards the zone of learning then you will automatically inspire all the employees in the company too. Hence, growth is a possibility but maybe not much when you are inside the comfort zone. 


Aim for the balance


The thing about being in HR  is that you are responsible for the work/life balance of yourself and the employees of the company as well. To access the balance, say in your professional setting, first of all, you need to allow yourself to accept the idea of balance. That is is possible and it requires some effort from your side.


As an HR professional, you need to be understanding of the importance of the work/life balance and assist the employees in achieving that balance. Perhaps you and the employees can look for ways to not sacrifice any quality time outside of work and also schedule breaks in between works to rejuvenate. 


Importantly, the balance here also refers to measuring employees output and work with their expertise and knowledge and see if they weigh equally. This particular balance is also something that HR  professionals need to aim for. 


Welcoming of criticism


It speaks volumes when you can embrace constructive criticism. It is impossible to not make mistakes so when you do, don’t take it the wrong way when someone gives you their perspective on what you can do better to avoid such errors in the future. 


Even if somebody does want to put you in a bad light then respond to them with patience and in a very professional manner. You should not let criticism bother you and if it does then you should focus on handling it appropriately. Also, make sure you can differentiate between positive and negative comments. 


As an HR professional, one of your goals should be being open to criticism because it humbles you, keeps you grounded and makes you pay attention to details. You can use criticism to your advantage and make significant improvements in your work too. 


Hire the best candidates


A part of being in HR is to be actively involved in the recruitment process. And as HR  professionals you should concentrate on hiring the best ones from the applying candidates. The priority should always be quality over quantity.


Likewise, HR  professionals should also focus on modifying recruiting strategies and implementing up-to-date hiring styles to get the most qualified candidate in the company. The goal of hiring the best candidates can be achieved by adopting the amalgamation of the best of the old and new recruitment approaches.


To hire the best candidate, you should pay attention to what skills and knowledge are they equipped with and how are they going to help the company reach its potential and generate higher revenue. These important aspects need to be considered. 


Focus on lowering turnover rates


Employee turnover happens in all sector but HR professionals should work towards unnormalizing that in their workplace. Higher employee turnover rates can be expensive. 


Apart from being costly, turnover reduces productivity and requires more attention and effort to hire new employees. This is why HR professionals’ goals should also be focusing on lowering turnover rates.


It can be done by making the job engaging and exciting for the employees while assigning them tasks where they can utilize all of their expertise and capabilities. Higher turnover rates are generally bad and the consequences can often be severe. 


Encourage company culture


Company culture means the values, beliefs and practices that your company shares and all that distinguishing characters of your company. Company culture is an accumulation of each trait that best represent your company. 


So while recruiting it is important to hire candidates who feel strongly about the company culture. And company culture should be encouraged in the workplace so that there exists an active influence to motivate people to provide quality work.


If employees can align their own beliefs with the company’s culture then that also helps in lowering turnover. Thus, HR  professionals’ goals should also encourage the company’s culture involving the entire team and follow the practices regularly.


Focus on strategic thinking and planning


HR professionals have an essential role in the strategic thinking and planning of a company. Strategic thinking is all about developing tactics, assessing inputs, innovating ideas that allow the company to grow and evolve. 


Strategic thinking and planning challenges the status quo, identifies the features that are lacking and puts forward the best possible solution. Analyzing how things work and have been working and making necessary changes is part of strategic thinking and planning. 


An HR  professional’s goals should be focusing on strategic thinking and planning to find long term solutions, help the company move forward and bring about significant changes that take the company to the great height of success. 


Prioritise work relationships


HR  professionals have to be a people person. It is almost like a prerequisite. As an HR  professional, you should be diligently involved in building an effective employee-employer relationship. Work relationships require effort, time and maintenance. 


If you communicate well with your employees, provide them flexibility and can inspire them then that gives rise to the productivity level and also makes your employees believe in the company. Strong relationships bring along growth. 


Relationship management is HR 101. You could conduct surveys, form committees and hold meetings, talk to the employers and employees on one on one basis to understand them, their perspective and if they would like some changes. 


These ten goals for every HR professionals complement one another. Hiring the best candidates helps lowering turnover rates, and revising the core values also keeps you focused on strategic thinking and planning. 


Therefore, achieving all of ten goals takes the company, HR department, HR  professionals and every employees and employer towards the path of success, and contentment. 

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