UN Jobs in Nepal

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The United Nations was established in 1945 as a result of the second world war with a mission of maintaining peace and security across the globe. 


Now over seven decades later, it has been successful in providing employment opportunities for people all around the world while also attaining its goals. 


In the same way, there are also varieties of UN jobs in Nepal. The jobs are from diverse fields ranging from Economics to Development to Information Technology and more. 


But, before exploring the types of UN jobs, it's important to know the steps to follow to get UN jobs in Nepal.


Guidelines to consider before applying for UN jobs in Nepal

  • Research on the job you are interested in to make your career option.

  • Check to see if your skills and knowledge match the job requirements.

  • Work on acquiring the necessary expertise to increase your chance of getting hired.

  • Make sure that you are fluent in the English language. 

  • You must have previous work experience. 

  • A master's degree is a requirement for many UN jobs so perhaps get that first.

  • Sign up for UN volunteering opportunities. 


Types of UN Jobs in Nepal


From the pool of different job networks, here are twelve types of UN jobs in Nepal.


Digital Consultant


Digital consultants implement business strategies over all digital platforms for branding and increasing traffic.


They are responsible for designing sophisticated websites, Search Engine Optimization, creating blog content, handling social media sites, digital advertising, and marketing.


A digital consultant’s main aim would be to work on connecting business policies to apply across the digital world to achieve the company’s goals.


The skills required for a digital consultant are project management, customer relationship management, PowerPoint skills,  content marketing skills, outstanding internet knowledge, leadership, professionalism, and so on.


Bachelors or Masters in Information Technology or relevant fields should be the educational background. One can take training and learn to be a digital consultant too albeit people with academia are preferred. 


Digital consultants are in demand because they have so much to offer. Also, in today’s world, their expertise goes hand in hand with the UN's acclimatization to modern technologies.


Economic Affair Officer


An economic affairs officer is someone who deals with economic activities in a company’s best interest.

The responsibilities of an economic affairs officer are to oversee economic developments made through trade and services, provide necessary advice and support to the branch, prepare economic analysis depending on region or sector and report it to the division director, and so on.


Apart from that, conducting training, reviewing works of junior staff, doing relevant research as mandated by the division, attending national and international meetings with representatives also fall under the duties of an economic affairs officer. 


The essential skills for economic affairs officers are strong analytical and policy formulation skills, ability to identify accurate data, accountability, problem-solving skills, professionalism, ability to work in a team or independently, etc.


A Master's degree in economics or a related field is the desired academic background. More than five years of work experience in economic research and analysis, policy formulation is required. 


Candidates with fluency in multiple languages are prioritized. Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply for this position. 


Rural WASH Advisor


WASH stands for water, sanitation, and hygiene. 


A rural wash advisor’s job is to work towards affordable and sustainable access of people from the rural parts of Nepal to water, sanitation, and hygiene. 


Wash advisors are responsible for conducting wash programs and ensuring their success, planning the budget accordingly, keeping financial records, making sure that the wash activities are delivered on time in adherence to the established guidelines.


Similarly, since the premise is rural, it is important to circulate the news about the wash program all over the area. On top of spreading the information, identifying any risks or technical issues before is also the duty of a wash advisor. 


Candidates should have the ability to lead and work in a team with varying knowledge of WASH. 


Likewise, strong communication skills, adaptability, excellent management skills, outstanding proposal and report writing skills, impressive advocacy skills are other necessary skills and abilities for this job. 


In terms of educational background, a master's degree in a technical discipline or other related field is preferred along with five to seven years of working experience in the wash sector.


Finance Manager


Another UN job in Nepal would be the position of finance manager.


Finance managers provide financial advice to management officers, help in budget planning and making decisions to ensure the financial security and success of a company.


Their job includes offering financial advice on investments, savings, and other aspects of business, generating durable business plans, making financial reports, predicting financial shifts, reporting to senior management, doing risk analysis, and more.


A financial manager should have negotiation skills, excellent verbal and written communication skills, outstanding mathematical skills, business awareness, extremely good analytical, IT, and problem-solving abilities, etc.


Employers tend to lean towards candidates with a degree in accountants, economics, business, or another similar field. 


Plus, two or more years of work experience in the finance sector is required. 


Technical Director


The technical director looks after the technical aspect of a project, its performance, and contribution. The project can be an election or an inoculation program or something media-related or anything.


The main responsibilities of a technical director are providing technical leadership to improve the quality of the project, helping the management team with planning, conducting performance assessments, mentoring the design, or technical activities.


Some of the qualifications for a technical director are a thorough knowledge of technical equipment and tools, outstanding computer and IT skills, organizational skills, creative thinking, ability to work in a team and solve problems, and so on.


To apply for this job, a Masters Degree in a relevant field is required. Also, 5 to 10 or more years of work experience is preferred depending on the area of work.


For freshers in Nepal interested in being a technical director in the UN, you can begin from entry-level jobs eventually moving your way towards a higher position. 


This helps you in gaining needed experience and makes you capable of such a highly skilled job position. 


Program Officer


Program officer is a requisite part of an organization. They administer developments of programs, seek grants and proposals, manage projects, and budgets.


Developing program initiatives, identifying and contacting potential grantees,  overseeing funds and budgets, representing the organization in meetings, analyzing and solving possible program challenges are some of the responsibilities of a program officer.


A program officer needs to display strong organizational and communication skills. Moreover, the ability to work in a team, multitask, analytical skills, understanding of financial management are some of the other required skills. 


Candidates should have a master's degree in business administration or economics or a related field to apply for this job.


Plus, a minimum of five years of work experience in program management or a similar field is mandatory.



Needs Assessment Consultant 


Needs Assessment Consultant’s job is to lead the team and evaluate the necessities for a project/program maintaining the objectives of the organization. 


The duties of a needs assessment consultant are recruiting, training, and supervising the needs assessment team, carrying out research and analysis to find out risks, making sure the produced reports match the standard, and so on.


To qualify for this job position, candidates need to be agile, innovative, transparent, accountable, responsive, strategic thinkers, able to adhere to the deadlines, display adaptability, research, and communication skills. 


In terms of education, a master's degree in developmental studies, social science, or relevant discipline is essential. 


Furthermore, at least five years of experience in research and project management is prioritized. 


External Relations Officer


External Relations Officers deal with contacting donors, media, the general public, and more. 


For this UN job, the primary responsibilities are to formulate and implement strategies, research on potential collaboration and pursue them, communicate regarding the activities, plan, carry out and evaluate projects following the guidelines, and so on.


The essential skills for external relations officers are accountability, decision-making skills, outstanding management knowledge, leadership and conflict resolution skills, ability to build effective relationships, and more. 


A Master's degree in international relations, economics, public relations, or related areas should be the education background.


Work experience in public relations and communications in international organizations for at least five to seven years is required.


Plus, fluency in more than one UN official language is an advantage.


Capacity Building Advisor


In any professional setting, a capacity-building advisor’s job is to assist staff to acquire and improve their knowledge and skills to empower and make them capable individuals.


The duties of a capacity-building advisor are to take on the assessment of existing capacity, track the progress of trainees, develop and implement guidelines, lead the team and motivate them, provide solutions to the challenges of team members, and more.


The necessary expertise for this particular job title is managerial, analytical, communication, and leadership skills.


On top of that, candidates are expected to display the UN’s values, ability to strategy planning, accountability, organizational skills, ability to work under pressure, and so on.


Education-wise, a bachelor's degree in social science, public administration, or related field is required but a master's degree in those same areas is preferred.


Likewise, five to ten years of work experience in management, developmental fields, or other similar sectors is essential.


Public Information Officer


Another one to make the list of UN jobs in Nepal is a public information officer. They are also known as public relations specialists.


The public information Officer’s job revolves around communication in different forms.


They are responsible for building strategies to promote the organization in a positive light, organizing interviews, making consistent efforts for effective public relations, preparing social media posts, developing healthy relationships with media organizations, etc. 


In addition to this, a public information officer needs to demonstrate organizational skills, computer skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills, ability to multitask, self-motivation, travel on short notice, and so forth.


When it comes to academia, at least a bachelor's degree in journalism, public relations, or relevant field is the requirement.


Plus, at least five years of working experience in a public relations role is necessary.


Medical Officer


Medical officers are senior health officials who are in charge of the health services in an organization. 


Medical officers in the UN, like anywhere else, serve as clinical advisors, and manage the medical team.


Some of the duties of a medical officer are to provide the best health care to patients, offer guidance to junior staff, make certain that the optimum standard inpatient care is achieved.


Moreover, they are also responsible for evaluating clinical data, hiring and mentoring healthcare professionals, allocating budgets, complying with safety regulations, performing risk management, and so on. 


Employers look for medical officers with advanced knowledge in medical research, clinical risk management expertise, strong communication skills, ability to work in a team and collaborate.


Bachelors in Medicine is required whereas Masters would be advantageous. Likewise, ten years of clinical experience is the requirement. 


Security Officer


Lastly, a security officer's job is to maintain a safe environment for employees in the UN building or organizations representing the UN and its premise by patrolling during their shift.


Similarly, security officers are responsible for securing the property, permitting entry, checking CCTV footage, stopping trespassers, informing employees and visitors about safety procedures, complying with the law and company’s regulations along with others.


To qualify for this job position, you need to have a good knowledge of security operations and procedures, a thorough understanding of fire inspection methods, surveillance skills, safety management, judgment, emotional control, etc.


Candidates should have proven work experience in a related position of at least two years. Similarly, the ones with the training are given priority.


And, a high school education will suffice to get hired as a security officer. 


Benefits of UN Jobs


UN jobs come with several benefits. Here are some of them.

  • Health insurance 

  • Holidays and leave

  • Family allowances 

  • Rental subsidy

  • Tax exemption 

  • Parental leave

  • Hardship benefits

  • Assignment grant 

  • Retirement pensions 


The United Nations is one of the most important organizations in the world. So while working a UN job in Nepal, you will be contributing towards attaining peace and developmental goals across the globe. 


Thus, if you are looking to do meaningful work with a wide range of benefits then we encourage you to apply for UN jobs in Nepal.


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