How to generate CV in Nepal using Rolling Nexus

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Are you in search of ample numbers of CV samples? Have you been wondering how you can generate a CV in Nepal?


Well, then your days of aimless scouring through the internet ends now because we are here to help you generate a CV in Nepal using Rolling Nexus. 


Rolling Nexus


Rolling Nexus is Nepal’s first commercial social networking site developed by Rolling Plans Private Limited to provide an abundance of “network of new possibilities” to the people all over Nepal. 


As a professional networking website, Rolling Nexus is dedicated to offering help and solutions to the complications within professional and academic criteria through the developed exceptional modules. 


So, using Rolling Nexus, you can generate a CV in Nepal within a few minutes. It's hassle-free.


What is a CV?


A CV is a document containing the academic and professional achievements of job applicants that can speak on their behalf.


You might think that creating just one CV for all job types is okay but it's not.


You need to tweak information and tailor your CV with specifics so that it is relevant to the job/company you are applying to. 


Guidelines on how to generate a CV using Rolling Nexus

  • Go to Rolling Nexus by typing the URL on your search bar. 

  • Now you can access the homepage by either signing up or logging in.

  •  Then, once the homepage loads, scroll a little lower and click on the “Click here to generate your CV for free”.

  •  After you have clicked on that, a new page will open on a different tab. 

  • Here, on a new page, you can find different job CV sample lists. 

  • Now you pick the one that you prefer and fill it up with the required details.

  • Once you have completed crafting your CV, you can download it for free.

  • And, voila!, you have generated a CV.


Resume Builder on Rolling Nexus


Resume builder on Rolling Nexus is a page dedicated to creating a new CV for someone like you for free. 


There are also plenty of sample options that you can pick from. The CV templates on the resume builder are designed according to the standards and professions. 


Whether you are a student or a first-time job seeker or have been employed for a while, you can find CV samples that fit you. 


Here, the available CV sample lists are in different designs. Some are colored while others are in black and white as well.


While the CV samples are in a variety of layouts, all of them have the same purpose. And that would be the honest depiction of a job applicant highlighting their academic and professional accomplishments.


How to write a CV


Once you have found the CV sample that matches your preference then it is important to notice all the sections that need to be filled with accurate details.


Sections of a CV


Career Description

  • This is where you describe yourself briefly. Be precise and state your career goals making it interesting enough to convince the employers why they should hire you.



  • In this section of the CV, you need to write your work experiences along with the names of companies, your previous job positions, salaries, location, from and to dates, and so on. 



  • Fill this section with all the set of skills you have. Make sure you don't miss out on including expertise relevant to the job you are applying for. 



  • From your latest educational level, faculty, the institution you passed from, the year you passed, board, country, and education-related details must be inserted in this section. 



  • List all the languages that you are fluent in over this section. Here you can only mention details about one language at a time. 

  • Once you save say Nepali language with your respective degrees of fluency in reading, writing and so on then you can add another language and more afterward. 



  • On the project section of a CV, you should put the details of employment or education-oriented projects that you have done or are doing.

  • Don't forget to fill up all the boxes with project titles, the status of the project, start and end dates, description of the project, and so on.



  • Include all the training that you have had along with the details such as training titles, start, and end date, institutions, other information about the training.

  • If you have received any documents and certificates for your training, add them as well and that will work as evidence to support your training experiences.



  • In the reference section, you write down a reference name possibly your past employer along with the name of the company and their contact details.

  • Before adding anyone as your reference, you need to ask for their permission. 

  • You must list down someone who can testify about your character, skills, and qualifications as your referee. 


Benefits of making a CV

  • Writing down your experiences and expertise is likely to give you the sense of realization of how much you had it in you all along. 

  • A CV is the best possible representation of yourself and shows how employable you are for a particular job type.

  • A CV is your space to detail your achievements keeping it brief but comprehensive.

  • You can apply to a few different places with your CVs and help reduce the exhaustion of the job hunt.

  • Having a CV gets you one step closer to being hired and that step is getting a job interview

  • Your CV is an advertisement for yourself. This is how you promote your employability to the recruiters.

  • A CV can help you identify your values and potential and find the right companies/employers to sell yourself in the competitive market. 

  • Once you have generated a CV then you can focus on other aspects of job hunting.

  • An up-to-date and well-written CV will boost your confidence and increase your chances of getting selected for a job interview or directly a job.


Rolling Nexus and its CV tool are for job seekers like you. So, it is only fair that you take full advantage of all the available samples list and generate CV/s.


To generate a CV in Nepal, remember the name, Rolling Nexus


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