Teaching Jobs in Nepal

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Referencing the 2016 survey, there are 35,222 elementary and secondary schools, 10 universities which have more than 1,400 affiliated colleges and campuses throughout Nepal. 


There are also numerous tuition and coaching centers as well with some even offering home tuition to students making teaching one of the most common jobs in Nepal


A teacher plays a significant role in the growth of every individual. As a teacher, you have the power to inspire and change lives. Teaching can also be considered as one of the most wonderful jobs in the world.

Here are 8 reasons why you would want to become a teacher

  • A teacher has the most important role in shaping and inspiring the next generation. Teaching jobs are not just salary-driven but have a purpose and an unmatched value.

  • The rewarding nature of a teaching job provides you with job satisfaction unmatched by most professions. 

  • The job of a teacher is very challenging and stimulating. You have to find creative and effective ways to deal with many students constantly.

  • A teaching job comes with a lifelong learning process. If you love to learn new things constantly and share them with others, a teaching job is ideal.

  • If you are truly passionate about a subject, you can constantly learn and share your knowledge of the subject in a teaching job and help nurture the same passion for many students as well.

  • A teaching job comes with a great salary and additional benefits

  • A teaching job provides you with high job security and fixed working hours. It is easier to maintain a work-life balance in a regular teaching job.

  • A teaching job also allows you to build great relationships, make an impact, and uplift youngsters in the most vulnerable moments of their lives.


Tips to become a teacher in Nepal

  1. In the majority of teaching jobs, the minimum qualification is a bachelor's degree.

  2. You need to be able to establish a good relationship with students.

  3. Have a passion for the subject you want to teach in the teaching job.

  4. Communication skills are key in a teaching job. Be a good communicator.

  5. A teaching job is all about balancing gentleness and maintaining discipline. You need to be firm enough so that the students will take you seriously and be gentle so that they can communicate about their problems freely.

  6. Keep learning and expanding your knowledge.

  7. Try to customize and personalize your teaching style according to the needs and personalities of your students.

  8. Always have objectives and a firm direction while teaching. 

  9. Be a friend to your students without getting too personal and while still maintaining distance and having boundaries.

  10. Be consistent and give regular feedback to the students to help them improve.

  11. Professionalism is a must in a teaching job. Be punctual, responsive, informed, and responsible.


Types of teaching jobs


Kindergarten teacher


A kindergarten teacher teaches basic skills to the kids who are in elementary school. The elementary school refers to grade 1 to grade 5 or 6. When children are in elementary school, they learn basic reading, writing, science, math, and social skills. Children are also taught and encouraged to socialize and make friends through sports and group activities since for most, it is the first time they spend time with other kids at school. As a kindergarten teacher, you need to make lesson plans, watch and monitor the behavior and personalities of the children, be gentle and take care of the kids.


To become a kindergarten teacher, you need to be very good at understanding and handling kids. The experiences that the children have in their early childhood impact them up to their adulthood as well. Since the students are at a very critical age for development, kindergarten teachers need to be extra conscious with the children in regards to speech, behavior, and teaching style.


Middle school teacher


Middle schools have kids who are studying in between grades 5 to 9. In Nepal however, the higher secondary or the high school begins after the 10th grade. The kids who study in middle schools are in their adolescent or early adolescent phases. As a middle school teacher in Nepal, you have a range of subjects and grades to choose from as per your passion and qualification. Academically, children are taught subjects like maths, science, health, social studies, languages, arts, etc in middle school.


Children in middle schools are in early adolescent phases and are exploring and going through major changes mentally and physically. It is crucial to maintain a balance between discipline and friendliness as a teacher.  


Special education teacher


A special education teacher deals with differently-abled kids. Special education teachers serve and teach literacy, life skills, and academics to children who have some form of severe physical, cognitive or emotional disability. 


To become a special educator, you need to complete your degree in a related field. Here are 5 must-have qualities to become a special education teacher:

  • Patience.

  • Acceptance and compassion

  • Organization and creativity

  • Listening and communication skills

  • Empathy and devotion


Substitute teacher


Substitute teachers are the teachers who contact classes when the main teacher is absent for a day or as long as necessary. Even if a substitute teacher is a temporary job, the knowledge and skills of a substitute teacher need to be equal to the teacher who is on leave. Substitute teachers are hired in any teaching job as per the need of the situation.


Music teacher


Music teachers are really popular in Nepal as well. Almost every school has one or a few teachers who teach music to the students. To become a music teacher in school, a degree in music and education is preferred. You can also offer private music classes to the students. A music teacher must have advanced knowledge of music theory, instruments while being an excellent teacher.


Along with a proficiency in music, you will also need excellent communication, lots of patience, and helpful nature, 


PE teacher


A PE (Physical Education) teacher, commonly addressed as a Sports teacher in the context of Nepal is a must-have in every school as well. A PE teacher is responsible to educate the children about physical fitness and the human body, organize and manage sports activities for students and teach them the importance of physical health and sports. To become a PE teacher, you need a degree in physical education in a related field with the ability to motivate and inspire students.


Basketball, football, cricket, table tennis, and badminton are the most common sports played in the schools of Nepal. Some schools also teach martial arts and exotic sports to their students. Sports is a big part of a student's life and one of the most favorite periods for most of the students too. And as a PE teacher, you have a responsibility to enhance both their mental and physical health.


High School teacher


High school in Nepal is commonly referred to as grade 11 and 12 in schools. As a high school teacher, you have many options to choose from in terms of boards and subjects. Options for high school education boards in Nepal are HSEB (+2), A-Levels, CBSE, and IB with the HSEB being the national and most common educational board.


As a high school teacher, you need to have a vast knowledge and passion for the board and the subject you choose to teach. The grades obtained during high school are extremely important to students as they heavily determine what university they will be attending to advance their careers.


As a high school teacher, you need to have extremely good teaching and communicating skills with the ability to maintain motivation and discipline in academics. You also must possess general knowledge of university levels and the career paths related to your subject so that you can guide the students. 




A principal leads the entire school community. To become a principal of a school in Nepal, you need a master's degree in education; leadership, or administration. Depending on the schools, some may also require a Ph.D.


Principals give direction and coordinate the school administration. They also supervise the wellness and satisfaction of the whole school community including all staff and students. The principal also manages interpersonal relationships as the representative of the school. As a principal, you will have to lead and supervise the school towards growth and holistic wellbeing like a parent figure. 


Bachelors teacher


To become a teacher of bachelor/undergraduate students, first, you must have a bachelor's or a master's degree in the related field with a very strong academic record and an acknowledged work experience. Many universities also require a teacher training program before the appointment. 


As an undergraduate teacher, the value you provide to the students must be exceptional. You must have a vast knowledge of the subject and its relatives, unpared practical knowledge, and an extremely professional teaching style. The quality of knowledge and skills you provide will determine their career immensely. 


Language teacher


With a bachelor's degree and proficiency in the language, you can get a teaching job quite easily. Many schools hire language teachers, both native and foreign to teach students as a part of their academics. Being multilingual is considered a bonus while advancing in further education and is also proven to have many cognitive benefits too. 


Commonly taught additional languages in schools of Nepal are Chinese, French, Spanish, Newari, etc while English and Nepali being mandatory as directed by the National Education Board.


Benefits of a teaching job 

  • A teaching job is highly emotionally rewarding

  • A teaching job is purpose-driven

  • A fixed and timely work schedule. You rarely have to work overtime.

  • High job security and added benefits like bonuses, pension, etc.

  • A highly social job with the opportunity to make new friends.

  • A teaching job provides you with good prospects.

  • An opportunity to constantly boost your cognitive and creative abilities.

  • Enhances teamwork, leadership, and communication skills.

  • You will have the greatest opportunity to build valuable PR in a school.

  • A teaching job is considered very respectable and noble both in Nepal and internationally. 


A teaching job is something that everyone should probably try once. Not only will the students get an opportunity to learn from a new perspective, but as a teacher, you will benefit mentally, emotionally, socially, and economically. 


No job is free from stress, effort, challenges, and ethics. Just like other jobs, being a teacher can be challenging at times while planning study modules, during assessments, handling difficult students, etc. However, a teaching job is one of the most rewarding and beautiful jobs compared to many.


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