Why should I choose Rolling CAT to test my knowledge and skills?

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Rolling CAT (Computer Adaptive Test)  is an online learning platform module under Rolling Nexus, a professional networking website developed by Rolling Plans Pvt Ltd, to be of service to determined students and job seekers through skill evaluation and offer regular guidance and suitable study materials for entrance examinations so that they can secure a respectable position in different government organizations and private institutes. 


Rolling CAT was introduced to reach candidates in as many numbers as possible so that they can test their skills, general knowledge on several topics and eventually get a standard job in the field of their choice. 


To serve the diverse needs of the market, Rolling CAT has been divided into six different categories. They are Rolling Test, Mock Test, Skill Test, Domain Test, Exam Prepatory Test, and Typing Test.


Rolling Test is a section where employers and institutions can generate and carry out online tests for skill evaluation, selection or entrance purposes. The test is run on an arranged date and timing schedule. 


Mock Test is another test section where you can participate in different mock tests as created and supervised by Rolling Plans Pvt. Ltd. It is simply done to practice the timing, ideas and formats for popular exams taken by employers/institutions. This test is also conducted on a pre-arranged date and timing basis.


Skill test is a total learning section where you can evaluate your skills by participating in various tests related to different skill sets. This test increases the rScore/rRank of a user. Interested individuals can take the tests anytime they want. 


Domain Test is an instructive section where numerous tests belonging to a specific functional area are shown and conducted. Users from different domains can analyse their domain knowledge. This test augments rScore/rRank of a user and can be given at any time by the users.


Entrance Preparatory Test is yet another educational test section where exams are shown to practise on the notions and formats for popular selection/entrance exams. Enthused folks can sit for these tests at any given time. 


Typing test is a skill evaluation section where you can assess your typing speed for English and Nepali languages. Moreover, you can officially document your evaluation result in rCV. This test can be given at any time by the users.



You should choose Rolling CAT for 


  •  Unlimited Loksewa tests of various positions

  • Mock tests of various domains

  • Skill enhancements through skill tests

  • Low price of premium Plans

  • Updated contents with expert resource persons on content preparation

  • Market Pioneer Partners like dCAN for different contents


  • Quality contents along with study materials for entrance and other examinations 


  • Questions banks and mock test papers


  • Practicing quiz, functional/skill test, mock test, and GK quiz


  • The freedom to access the test and resources depending on your choice and the requirements of your situation


  • A feature to create your valid test and challenge members of your circle as well. 


So to utilize the different learning sections to help you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge, for better job prospects and more you should choose Rolling CAT to test your knowledge and skills. 





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