A Quick Snapshot of Talent Management within IT sector with Mr. Sanjeev Shrestha

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With professional experience in the HR domain for more than 12 years, Mr Sanjeev Shrestha is the Director of HR at COTIVITI Nepal (formerly Verscend Nepal). He also has 5 years of experience in the Hospitality industry. He has been continuously working in labour disputes, collective bargaining, talent acquisition, and more.


Here are the quick and short interview shots with him.


`1. Let's start with a brief overview of your professional background, and can you tell us about your role as HR Director at COTIVITI Nepal?


I started my HR career in 2009. I also worked in Hotel Dwarika’s till 2014 first quarter and then joined Cotiviti.


I take care of the HR team to ensure that we deliver HR functions for the business.


2. Many businesses had to undergo significant digital transformations during and after Covid 19. Was it the same for COTIVITI Nepal or for it being an IT company didn't make any difference?


Fortunately, we were well-equipped and hence didn’t require a great digital transformation.



3. Many students are into micro degrees and non-degree programmes regarding the tech sector but are there enough opportunities for those students to pursue a career in the tech sector particularly in Nepal?


I do not have access to real data on the market to speak on this. At Cotiviti, we focus more on skills and competencies but also a college degree is also viewed with much respect.


4. You have been committed to the IT industry since 2014. What tremendous changes in the IT sector have you witnessed in the past and now?


There are more IT companies, more IT academic institutions, there is more buzz than ever on startups, salary and benefits have increased, there are formal and informal foreign employers in the market. 


5. There are plenty of youths who want to contribute their ideas and knowledge in the AI and tech sector but it can't be foreseen that the country's investment in this sector is so low. What's your say in this?


I believe the investment will pour in from both the private and government level with time. Today is better than yesterday. Youth should keep being hopeful, keep refining and building up upon their ideas and investment will come.


6. There is huge market demand for IT professionals in the current market. Are the resources provided by IT talent producers strong enough to produce the future tech experts in Nepal? Where do you see the gap here?


There is definitely a positive difference than a decade back- students today have wider access to information and are smart. I think we need-


 -More binding requirements on both academia and industry for exposure and collaboration of the students

-Practical skill skill-building least one IT domain


7. What are your suggestions to job seekers in the IT field? Do you have any courses or skill certification advice for them?

Work hard, no replacement for hard work. Go through the requirements of companies (website, job portals), pick your interest, and gain as much skill as you can. Certification in relevant areas of interest will help.


8. From a layman's perspective, we see only two fields inside the IT sector, namely System & Network Admin and Programming. However, IT is a big evolving sector with various career paths, so, could you tell us about the career paths that an IT student can pursue?


Students can go through the following link- 21 Different Types of IT Jobs To Explore | Indeed.com to know more on careers.


9. Can you share your talent acquisition and retention strategies with us, as this has become a key concern in Nepal's IT sector?

Reach out to candidates if they don’t reach out to you.


Know what is a good retention metric for you, how much attrition is manageable, and plan the fulfilment. Have a multifaceted total reward system.


10. Finally, what are your favourite IT tools that have helped you deliver your duties effectively?


MS office package, any good HR software containing leave management, recruitment trackers, performance management systems- have been helpful.

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