Internship and Job Opportunities in Nepal

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 “You should have the experience to get experience.” This statement may sound baffling but it’s the truth. You wouldn’t know the hotness of fire until you experience it. You wouldn’t understand about passing the examinations until you dedicate your entire efforts in studying and practicing. In the same way, if you want to grab a beneficial job, you must need an experience which means you have to pick up an internship project.
One might cudgel his/her brains about WHAT IS INTERNSHIP? There has been an evolvement of internship programs globally and the practice of internship programs has been du jour intending to halt the theory-based education system. And it has been made mandatory as a part of an academic career in the academic curriculum. So, the internship has been crucial for every student. The period for internship programs may be conducted after completion of junior year or in the middle of the semester program, it may vary upon different criteria of academic or university curriculum.
Internship projects/programs are specifically designed for university students, fresh graduates, and career developers aiming to prove their academic credentials and career skills. There are various types of internship programs with many options/fields with different subject fields.

Why Internship?

You need to know about the importance of an internship before you enroll in any such program. Internship programs not only prop up the students and graduates in achieving academic criteria but also aids in the exploration of oneself and the skills required to grab real job opportunities. An internship can be termed as a larva phase of any intern who dedicates his/her entire efforts to learn to be better to adopt the butterfly stage of beneficial job opportunities. The significance of internship programs can be crystal clear from the given points:

Learning about yourself

Once you come out from your theoretical based academics and start getting involved in internship programs, you get the opportunity to know your actual skills, strengths, and weaknesses, the field of interest, and more. You would have to employ your theoretical knowledge in real life. Whether you solved the problems of Balance Sheet with an equal amount of figures in both Liabilities and Assets sides or you hearkened the formulae of coding in your classes, you have to utilize your learning in the real-life problems and understand your skills, capability, weaknesses etcetera.

Real-World Experience

You were just acquiring bookish knowledge to achieve high grades in examinations but your real phase of examinations kicks off when you exercise your knowledge in certain organizations. Working as an intern is arguably the most favorable course of action to gain real-world experience and make a difference. You will get a chance for the exposure of the practical-based works and projects.

An absolute call for job opportunities

When you snag a benefic internship program, many opportunities may knock on your door. Internships are the absolute ways to blazon your resume or CV with your relevant experiences. In any job vacancy announcements whether online or newspapers, the experience section is always mentioned. And internships act as a ladder to grab those job opportunities. In nutshell, internships avail you of the competitive advantage for applying to the jobs of your interest.

Professional networking and marketability

You will get a chance to work with different types of people with different professional backgrounds, ethnicity, skills, and tactics inside the organization and the clients as well outside the organization. This will enhance your professional networking and you will be introduced as a new entry in the job market with different candidates as same as your age, education, and field of interest. In fact, your best friend can be your competitor and you have to outrun them to gain your achievements.


Experiences are all about learning and practice into action. You will be able to learn soft skills and leadership positions during internship programs. Moreover, you will be able to learn about office politics, adaptability, and different cultures. You will be leading a simple seed version of yourself to and advanced and professional skilled version of yours. 


Things to CONSIDER before picking up Internship Programs

Enrollment in many and diverse internship programs doesn’t lead you to enhance more skills. First of all, you need to consider various things before selecting internship programs such as:
  • Which sector?

You need to start the search for the internship program before you apply. Is the program relatable per my academic criteria? Does the internship aid me in boosting my career I want to pursue? If you get the proper answers to these confusions, you can buckle up to start your entry. And do not ever listen to the gossips, you investigate the company you are going to work as an intern in.
  • Responsibilities????

Do not apply immediately in any internship program even you are promised of getting the jobs. What are the specific responsibilities I have to fulfill in the company? Acknowledge this. A business graduate cannot work as an engineer intern in the engineering company. He/she can manage accounts and audits only in that company.
  • Will I get paid?

There are paid and unpaid or voluntary internships. Do not chase after money. If you are up to learning proficient skills then grab the chance. If you lose the chance just for the sake of money, you won’t be learning anything.
  • Where is the location?

Consider the location where you are going to work as an intern. If you are ready to work miles away, you have to keep timing in mind first. Transportation medium, time to reach the location, etc should be considered.
  • Work Climate

You can learn and adjust where there is a good working environment. You can’t enhance your networking properly if your supervisors are rude to you and they don’t value your work. It may act as a hindrance to learn new skills and get experiences.
In Nepal, there are many internship programs available that can lead to grabbing real job opportunities. Before starting any internship programs, one should know about their importance and take a rational decision. Meanwhile, social media has helped a lot to make people get information on different internship programs. Online internship programs seem to be beneficial to the people at the time of pandemic like COVID-19 freezing out the problem of location. There are various internship projects in Nepal that one seeks to boost their career in different areas such as:

1. Financial Institutions

Fresh graduates of BBA, MBA, and other various programs regarding Finance and Management faculties are required to enroll in internships in different financial institutions like banks, finance companies, audit companies, etc. They are welcomed to different institutions for the fulfillment of their academic credentials and learning skills as well.

2. Embassies

Many embassies residing in Nepal announce internship programs every year for different fields. It’s the best opportunity for the graduates or students to work on such a platform which will enhance their skills and knowledge. Besides, they can proliferate professional networking which will further help them to grab attractive job opportunities in the future.

3. International Organizations

Many NGOs, INGOs, voluntary and non-voluntary organizations seek Nepalese interns to showcase their caliber and efficiency in their organizations. Those who want to boost their career to learn and work can apply in their areas of specific interest. Such programs are designed to provide interns with professional exposure and skills enhancement with professional mentorship.

4. IT Internships

The development of E-commerce and IT in Nepal is at its nascent phase and the practice is amplifying rapidly which has led to more opportunities in IT-related jobs and internships in Nepal. IT internships in Nepal have lessened the bridge gap between IT graduates and their dream jobs in reputed organizations. And many companies are hiring IT, students, for several national and international level projects.

5. Volunteering Internship Programs

The main initiative of voluntary organizations is to flourish the people in several volunteering works for the benefits of marginalized communities and backward societies. Such volunteering internships can enhance the networking skill in the public and opens the door of opportunities in reputed organizations like USAID, UNICEF, etc

6. Others

Internship programs are not specified in a single field or area. There are several types of internships like Apprenticeship, Co-Op Education, Externship, Practicum, Stipend internships, etc. It depends on the type of organization and its bylaws. Similarly, there are several Engineering Institutions, Consultancy Service, hospitals, service-oriented organizations which conduct internship programs every year. One has to choose his/her area of interest to choose the program.
To sum up, internships aid you to figure you about the career path you will choose and they offer an amazing opportunity to try out different jobs and help you understand which sector you are for in and your future career preferences. So will you choose a rational decision in choosing an internship and give your 100 percent to learn and explore?

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