Jobs in Nepal for Freshers

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Freshers are people who are on the lookout for their first job. As much as companies are expecting someone with experience, there are also jobs in Nepal for freshers. 


Everybody has to start somewhere. This is why there are different types of entry-level jobs for beginners who have no previous job experiences whatsoever as well. 


 Types of Jobs in Nepal for Freshers


Work experiences, knowledge, and competency can only be acquired once you have been employed for a certain period. Also, jobs are where you deploy the skills you have learned before working and see how effective they are. 


These job types provide great employment opportunities for freshers looking for jobs in Nepal. Most of them don't require you to cover all the extensive criteria. You learn as you keep on working and become skilled in no time. 


Customer Service Representative


Customer service representatives help clients by answering their questions, offering solutions to their complaints, and informing them about the company's products and services. 


The qualifications for this job type would essentially be good communication, problem-solving, and computer skills. The bar is not that high for beginners.


But importantly, you must have patience and the ability to listen because you are going to have to deal with a lot of frustrated clients. You will also be representing your company so you need to establish impressive communication.


It pays decently for starters and can be a great chance to experience teamwork and make friends along the way. Companies also provide training so you don't have to go into the job cold. 


Marketing and Sales


Marketing means promoting a company's goods and services to inform and attract prospects while sales involve selling goods and services to those prospects and attempting to turn them into customers. 


The most substantial skills for marketing and sales are product knowledge, communication, negotiating skills, rapport building, decision making, and business management skills, and so on. 


You are expected to be equipped with all the basic techniques to precise concepts of marketing and sales. This job also includes meeting new clients and traveling to new places for business expansion. 


Since you will be working with many people, you can learn a lot from each individual. Also, this job suits extroverts and outgoing people more.


Careers in marketing and sales pay well. Plus, there is room for creativity. And with time and experience, you will be earning more and see significant development in your personality too.


Media, Communication and Design


These job fields are for the ones who are interested in writing, editing, content creation, graphic designing, and so on. 


Media is one of the ever-growing sectors in the world. And communication and entertainment are part of it. Given the technological developments, the demand for workers is only accelerating. 


Sure the jobs can be challenging for freshers in Nepal but now you can turn your hobbies into full-time jobs. Isn't that interesting? 


There are plenty of job types within media and communication. Freshmen who want to pursue a career in this field can make it big eventually as a news reporter, cameraman, vlogger, YouTuber, video jockeys, and so on.


The money is satisfactory. Moreover, there are so many well known and respected figures who started as a fresher once in this field. It is worth it. 


Hospitality Industry


The hospitality industry is an all-encompassing group of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, food and drink service, event planning, theme parks, and transportation. It includes hotels, restaurants, and bars.


Except for the time we are living in right now, the hospitality industry was always a thriving one all around the world. People are always traveling within and beyond the borders of their countries for various purposes.


Hotels and restaurants are always in demand. Events and exhibitions are always happening. Even now events are happening virtually. This industry is unstoppable. Technology sure has helped a great deal.


For a lot of positions in the hospitality industry, it requires dedication and patience to learn. Having a strong academic background with practical knowledge is always amazing.


So as a fresher in Nepal, if you are interested in the service industry, you should apply for entry-level jobs. You will also be required to go through training to prepare for the jobs. The objective of the hospitality industry inherently is customer satisfaction.


Freshers can choose their careers as catering officers, management trainees, sales executives, assistants to event managers, kitchen managers, chefs, and other related industry jobs.


Banking and Finance


In terms of finance, you would be working under institutions that deliver various ranges of financial services. Whilst banking involves working for an institute to hold money on behalf of customers, help with the process of providing loans, and so on.


Some of the career options within the spectrum of banking and finances would be banker, broker, insurance, funds management, and consultant, and so on. You can find jobs in either private or public firms.


Banking and financing also fall under the most sought after jobs in Nepal. Many freshers simply want to build their career in this field. Some corporations and organizations seek beginners for entry-level jobs related to banking and finance.


Banking and finance have a wide range of branches, like accounting, finance, business, marketing, E-commerce, and administration. It is filled with exciting opportunities for the students of business and enthusiasts alike.


Economy growth is necessary, and talented people are required to serve those needs. Which is why there are more commerce colleges in Nepal than before. After completion of their education, students can easily join any organization, either private or government.


There are several entry-level finance jobs for recent graduates/freshers in Nepal who like mathematics, statistical or financial analysis, and customer service. 


Education, Research and Non-Profit 


For freshers in Nepal looking for a job with an education degree, they can apply to be a teacher. Before joining to be a teacher, they could take up training classes or perhaps work as a substitute teacher. 


Besides teaching, you can get hired as a school librarian, counselor, sports coach, speech pathologist, teacher assistant, and so on.


Schools certainly do have job openings for freshers. Thus you can always apply but make sure that you meet the requirements. If it's the school you passed from then there is a good chance that they are going to hire you. 


Moving on, researchers aren't born, they are made with hard work and dedication. Since all fields require research of some levels, it opens avenues to job opportunities in the area of your interest. 


You could work for private or governmental facilities, environmental organizations, research companies, universities, and so on. Several organizations get funds to research global issues like climate change and issues. 


Urban development and mobilization require researchers as well where one would be responsible for designing, undertaking, and analyzing to create cost-effective and environmentally friendly housing and settlements. 


The budget, team, and project management along with IT knowledge would be some of the necessary skills to be a researcher. 


In simple words, nonprofit means any organization working without earning any profits for its owners and are tax exempted. This does not mean that they don't provide their employees with salaries. 


Nonprofits have a similar type of job as for-profit businesses such as research, management, accounting, communications, IT, lobbying, and so on. In addition to this, there are positions for fundraisers, volunteer coordinators, grant writers, and community organizers.


The hiring process is also the same as anywhere else. Although, while they are actively looking for skilled and talented folks, nonprofits prioritize candidates who care about the issues they are working for. 


Thus, you need to make it clear that you support the objective of the organization. They want people who can take the work seriously and treat it as more than just a job.




An apprenticeship is a system where someone learns how to do a specific job through on-the-job training, under the supervision of an experienced employer. 


This role involves tasks such as abiding by workplace procedures, following health and safety regulations, updating training records, and completing works to gain qualifications.


There are different fields where apprenticeship jobs can be found. Areas such as agriculture, business, manufacturing, construction, wiring, education, health, and so on are some of the popular ones.


While there is not a precise list of qualifications you need to tick off, some employers do have their requirements. 


An apprenticeship can be an excellent opportunity for people who want to learn new skills or are looking for means to earn. People who are still in school or who have dropped out can apply as well.


Freshers in Nepal can easily find apprentice job/trainee openings on various job portals such as rolling jobs.




There are many engineering jobs where you can apply as a fresher in Nepal. Engineering jobs are technical and they can be fulfilling mentally for the passionate ones and also financially over time. 


Students with creative minds who like to take on challenges usually pursue engineering courses. Engineering careers are very famous because they get associated with reputation and good income.


Engineering, again, has several branches, so freshers can select them according to their interests. To name a few, the jobs are Civil Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Environmental Engineering Technician, Junior Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, and so on.


Engineers are some of the most sought after people for a varied kind of jobs. All types of businesses perceive engineers as well-educated, skilled, creative, and problem solvers. 




The healthcare sector comprises businesses that offer medical services, manufacture medical equipment/drugs, provide medical insurance, and enable the provision of healthcare to patients.


Medical fields are developing rapidly across the world. They are considered the most sought-after field. People who are interested in science and dealing with the human body can go for this career option.


Healthcare is on the rise, and the specializations are ever-growing. Freshers can pick between various jobs, like surgeons, pharmacy jobs, dentists, resident doctors, etc. In this field, your pay depends heavily on the specialization you have.


The specialization of the medical fields includes general medicine, dermatology, pediatrics, general surgeon, gynecology, ENT, clinical hematology, gastroenterology, and many more.


There’s always a high demand for skilled healthcare workers in our country. So the growth prospects in healthcare are remarkable too. 


Information Technology


Information Technology means the study, development, and management of anything computing and telecommunications. It also entails the design and implementations of computer-based information systems. 


Among all the infrastructures of development, our country has progressed in communications. This goes on to tell that there is a good scope in the IT field. With the establishment of various IT companies, ample IT human resources are required consequently creating more employment opportunities.


So as a fresher in Nepal looking for an entry-level job in IT, not having a degree probably won’t hold you back. This is because there are companies that provide training programs for determined applicants even if they do not have a degree.


The information sector is one of the topmost promising career paths in Nepal. There are lots of career opportunities in IT for freshers. Careers in this field include consulting, software development, software management, BPO, and other online marketing services.


The IT industry is growing fast and is popular among the younger generations. Job opportunities in Information and Technology are vast, and one can reach great heights of success.


Tips to get a job as a fresher in Nepal

  • Mentally prepare yourself for the job hunt and take breaks in between, get refreshed so you don't tire yourself.

  • Make a list of your skills and other qualifications that you bring to the table. This helps you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses. 

  • If you feel like you are lacking certain important skills, then you need to step up and join training or classes so that you leave no room for regrets. 

  • You should also try participating in webinars, seminars, events, and networking meetups. This way you can connect with new people and find people with similar interests.  

  • Create a job resume. You can search for sites online where you can get help and advice to make a CV.

  • Start building connections with people who are working in the field of your interest. Be it online or IRL it is crucial to have networks in today's world of competition.

  • Research the company you are applying to prior so that your employer will take you seriously. It’d be even better if you modify your resume to suit the position/company you are applying for. 

  • Provide any examples relevant to your role during the interview and explain to them how your skills can be utilized for the benefit of the company. 

  • Dress appropriately and give your best. Make sure you have researched well and know what you are doing. Leave no stone unturned. 


It can be tough looking for jobs as a fresher in Nepal or anywhere and there are chances that it will take a toll on your self-esteem and you might feel discouraged. But that shouldn't stop you because it is only the beginning. 


Therefore you should apply to more than just a few places. On an important note, make sure to leave space for learning when you do make mistakes. All the best! 

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