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Sangita Gurung

Sangita Gurung

Sep 7, 2020

Why should businesses focus on customer service?

Why should businesses focus on customer service?


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Rahul Shrestha

Rahul Shrestha Sep 7, 2020

Business should focus on their customer service sector to give excellent service to their customers and clients. Without customer service, the business will face a major hardship to grow, if you provide proper customer service to the customers and clients and satisfy them it&# read more...

Kabita Tandukar

Kabita Tandukar Sep 7, 2020

Business activities are operated for the customer.The future of company and its product are on the hand of customers so if the service are not satisfied by the users ,there is no existence of any company so their need , wants and their expectations should be anaylazes and base read more...

Lachana Shakya

Lachana Shakya Dec 3, 2020

"Customer is the king of Business." We have rather heard this statement everywhere including business books, business conferences, classes, etc. And it's exactly true. In fact, loyal customers are the ones who can be termed as the indire read more...

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