Part-time Jobs for students in Nepal

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Working part-time jobs can be an amazing opportunity to earn extra cash for students in Nepal. Also, it can be a good start for your career. 


A full-time job is a big no for students.


If you have a college in the morning then you can utilize some hours during the day/evening working part-time jobs.


But it can take time to find the job that fits your schedule.


While part-time jobs are how most students support themselves partially, it is important to look for the job that interests you and doesn't drain you. 


There are different types of part-time jobs for students in Nepal




Tutoring is one of the most common part-time jobs for students. You should consider becoming a tutor if you are interested in teaching and making money off it. 


You can start with a few junior students and can increase the number once you are confident and have gotten used to it. The more the merrier. 


Some students and their parents, even more, prefer being taught at home. Plus you can charge extra fees for home tutoring. Your earning also depends on the subjects that you teach. 


You would be helping them improve their grades, understand difficult terminologies, concepts, etc, prepare them for their examinations, and so on.


Teaching is learning twice. And what's the point in knowing if we don't share it? 


Content Writer


If you are good at writing and have been praised for it then you should try your hands at content writing. 


Content writers are in demand now more than ever with the rise in the number of different companies. The common thing about these companies is that they all have their websites.


So there is a substantial need for good content writers to write blogs, answers for FAQs, etc for the websites. Also, you could remote work this part-time job. 


A lot of IT, media, and business companies are actively looking for content writers. It can be a gateway to a stable career. 


There are so many possibilities and freedom for one’s creative expression as well.


Content writing is more than just writing articles. Surface level knowledge can only help you so much. Because there is in-depth research that goes on while working on this job.



Data Entry


Data entry means to input information and files, collectively known as data into a company’s system. It is done by data operators to whom the data comes in handwritten forms or audio records.


Data entry is one of the easier jobs that also pay decently. And you can do it both online and offline.


There are varieties of data entry jobs such as typing, captcha entry, online survey, transcription jobs, and so on. Each of these jobs has different ways of entering data. 


You don't require rigorous training or a degree for this job. What you do need is internet access, good typing skills, and basic computer knowledge. 


Moreover, you can do data entry jobs part-time and from the comfort of your home as well.




If you are enthused about being a model then you should give it a try. There are many modeling agencies in Nepal where you can try your luck.


Also, different photographers and online shopping sites hire models for photoshoots. 


Similarly, you can find casting calls for runway shows and music videos in magazines and on the internet. 


Likewise, you can apply to pageant competitions which can be a good way to get your foot into the modeling industry in Nepal. 


So for aspiring models, it sure is a better way to utilize their spare time. Modeling can be a fun learning experience. Your communication and public speaking skills will also improve. 


It may not pay well at the beginning but it will once you gain exposure and network with people from the field. 


It can open doors to different avenues of the entertainment industry for you in Nepal too. 




People who work freelance are self-employed and work on projects of different companies, sometimes at once too. 


Freelancing is using your creativity, talents, and set of skills to provide service or products to someone or a company and get paid in return. 


You get to set a schedule and charge rate per project by yourself depending on how much of your efforts, time, and resources will be invested in it.


Freelancing is popular in the current scenario of Nepal. The best thing about it might be how it frees you from the typical 9 -5 job. Plus, you get to be your boss.


Some of the freelance jobs that people do in Nepal are data entry, content writing, logo design, graphic design, photoshop, web development, and so on.


The options are in abundance but you should probably focus on something that particularly holds your attention and you are confident about carving a niche too. 




Research job entails collection and organization of data, information, opinions, etc. It also includes investigating different topics, exploring issues, predicting trends, and so on.


You must be keen on research to be a researcher because some people tend to find it tedious. However, imagine how much knowledge you can gain while doing your job.


If being a researcher excites you then you should consider this job. You will make discoveries and publish your findings after extensive research. 


You need to have good research skills and a firm grasp of general knowledge. There is always room for improvement anyway. And you will get better at researching over time. 

The working hours are flexible and you can do the job from the convenience of your home too. But you should be open to criticism, always work smart, and have a good research plan. 


Social Media Assistant


Social media assistants research competitive brands, run social media campaigns, work on increasing engagement, create desirable options for clients all while following company’s strategies, and making profits.


If you are a student of marketing, or are from a relatable field, or just have a real knack for digital marketing and stuff then you should apply to be a social media assistant.


You should be able to comprehend the English language very well. In addition to this, good communication skills and above-average computer skills are also required. 


You will be handling the digital presence of a company so it can be a lot of responsibility. The contents that will be put out must appeal to the general mass and convey what the brand/company stands for. 


You can do this job part-time. The shifts can be arranged to fit into your schedules depending on the company too. 


You are always social media hopping on your phone so why not make money off of it? 


Customer Care Representative


Customer care representatives provide answers to the queries and offer solutions to the complaints of customers by interacting with them through phone, email, in-person, and so on. 


They also help customers understand the products and services of the company and the schemes and rules that come along with it.


Customer care representative is a common job role since most companies have it. 


Some of the skills that customer care representatives need to have or should seek to develop are patience, attentiveness, ability to communicate well and use positive language, persuasive skills, time management skills, etc. 


You should have a thorough knowledge of the company's products and services. Furthermore, as a customer care representative, you should be willing to learn more about them. 


Moreover, the ability to empathize with customers and handling the frustrated ones with utmost professionalism are some of the key skills. 


You can be a CCR part-time and apply for the shift that suits your schedule. This job can help you improve your communication skills and gain other valuable skills as well. 


Restaurant Server


Restaurant servers are responsible for taking orders, answering questions about food and drinks, telling customers about specials, ensuring that the tables are clean, communicating orders with kitchen staff, and taking payments.


Servers are required to have a positive attitude and the ability to work well under pressure and in a fast-paced environment. 


Similarly, other important skills are friendliness, active listening, resilience, flexibility, attention to detail, multitasking, diplomacy, money handling, and so on.


If you are a student of hospitality management, or just simply interested in working as a server then it can be an excellent opportunity for you to receive experience and exposure. 


There are thousands of restaurants in Nepal where you can apply to work part-time as a server. 





Barista prepares and serves varieties of coffee drinks and other beverages along with sandwiches, pastries, muffins, etc. 


They also take orders and accept payments, make sure the customers are comfortable, answer their queries, tidy up the tables, maintain a hygienic environment.


Likewise, baristas are responsible for greeting customers, informing them about special items, grinding and blending coffee beans, packaging food, and beverages for sale/takeaways. 


Some of the requirements for a barista are experience in the preparation of food and beverages, willingness to learn about them more, dedication to customer satisfaction, good communication skills, multi-tasking, technical skills, organization, and so on. 


In Nepal, there are institutes from where you can get training to be a barista. It is a skill-oriented job and you should already know what’s what before you apply to be a barista.


Part-time jobs are how you access familiarity to the job world. It is also a great way to get acquainted with like-minded people. Plus, you will have something to add to your CV


Besides, you will learn skills, gain experience, and earn money. Hence, as a student, you can benefit a lot from part time jobs in Nepal. 


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